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What is an ISO8583 message? Click this link to know more about it. But, the quick way to understand the concept is to know that bank or financial systems communicate each other exchanging messages. These messages are intended to carry information about payments, authorization, accounting, etc.; i.e. machines exchange messages to understand among them.
And one of the most used message structure has been ISO8583 since its first version in 1987, even when other standards are taking its place, ISO8583 is still alive and in use by existing platforms (ATM networks, POS, Hosts, Authorizator, etc.) now in 2021

You can know about some other of these new ISO standards, like ISO 20022 messages by clicking here: Nexo Standards

An ISO8583 message has the following structure:

Message type identifier

Primary bitmap (64 bits)

Secondary bitmap (64 bits) optional

Data elements

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